Aliw Falls Laguna

Aliw Falls Laguna | Amazing Must-See Waterfalls Near Manila

Aliw Falls Laguna is another amazing waterfall we recently visited. Is it worth visiting? Read our review, see the video and get all the tips. Feel free to leave a comment and help us rate these Falls. For quite a while now, Laguna’s main claim to fame was Pagsanjan Falls (now called Cavinti Falls) and for the adrenaline-junkies, the shooting-the-rapids boat ride. But, in the last few years it seems more and more unknown waterfalls are being “discovered”.

Hulugan Falls Laguna

Hulugan Falls Laguna Review | All You Need To Know

Hulugan Falls Laguna, let’s find out what all the hype is about. In late 2015, the Filipino Backpacking community was set alight with excitement when a picture of a newly found waterfall in Laguna was posted in social media. Before too long backpackers were heading to the falls and posting about their experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The buzz had started, the word was out and we couldn’t resist the temptation to see this natural wonder ourselves.

2HotTravellers Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex

Cavinti Underground River and Caves Complex | Explore & Discover

The Cavinti Underground river and caves complex is yet another of Laguna’s hot ecotourist destinations. Located in Brgy. Paowin in the municipality of Cavinti, the complex along with the accompanying Fall have rapidly grow to become a popular tourist destination. To see the cave you must first obtain a permit and sit for a brief safety lecture (orientation). All this is done at the Bumbungan Eco Park which acts as the take-off point.