Maquinit Hotspring bayview

Maquinit Hot Spring Coron Palawan | All You Need To Know

If you are looking for a cool swimming hole then Maquinit Hot Spring is definitely not it. With the water from the hot spring hovering close to 40 degrees Celsius, it is a great place for cleansing.  Join Cheche as she visits Maquinit Hot Spring Coron.

Maybe some of you would find it a little bit strange wanting to swim at Maquinit Hot Spring when you already soaked yourself in sweat on an exhausting hike. Being a little cautious, I dipped my toes in first, checking the temperature of the water. It was overly warm but not unpleasantly hot so I slowly slide into the water, gliding my feet across the pebbly floor.  As I adjusted to the water temperature, I slowly dipped other parts of my body and before I knew it I was completely covered. Guess what… Surprisingly, I liked it. My skin tingled from the heat as I lay back with closed eyes and listened to the sounds of nature that surrounded me.

Whatever fatigue we gathered on our trek up Mt. Tapyas,  was washed away by the therapeutic water. It was easy to relax here. All I did was soak, look at the trees and the tourist, feeling the stones tickles my feet and the warm waters soak into my skin.

Palawan Underground River

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