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CYC Beach Coron Palawan Review – All You Need To Know

To be honest, we were disappointed with CYC Beach Coron. After all the good reviews we had read. Read our full CYC Beach Coron Palawan review and know what to expect before going. The beach sand of CYC Beach Coron is off-white – not as white as other beaches in Coron, but still soft and appealing. For all those divers out there, the waters surrounding the island are crystal clear and full of marine life. For those wondering, CYC Beach stands for “Coron Youth Club” Beach. Another interesting fact about CYC Beach is it’s the only beach where you are not charged an entrance fee (or so we were told, we have not been to every island in Coron to validate this claim). I will admit, CYC beach does have a nice view, decorated by rock formations, mangrove trees, and creamy-white sand making it ideal for stretching out under the sun and getting a tan.

Balicasag Island Bohol feature

Discover Balicasag Island Bohol

Balicasag Island Bohol is a place that is easy to love and hate all at the same time. Do I think it is overrated? Yes, at times. Would I go back? Yes, definitely… See why… Don’t worry if you are not into diving, you can still enjoy the rich marine life that Balicasag island has to offer by snorkeling. Swimming and snorkeling are the best ways to truly enjoy the beautiful island.

Liberty Wreck Tulamben Diving

The Best Tulamben Diving Spots Uncovered

Bali Indonesia has long been known as a holiday destination. With Gili Islands and Lombok becoming trendy it is starting to find a place to escape the tourists…. And that is where Tulamben comes in. This is definitely a must do for anyone planning on doing a little diving in Bali. If you are still new to diving or would class yourself as a beginner then this is a great way to gain experience on what is easily a world class wreck dive site.