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Posted on 19 November 2020
From Tagaytay, we left the Crosswinds hotel heading towards Talisay and our Taal Volcano Tour. This trip is well worth doing..
Posted on 14 November 2020
“We stopped to watch all the animals come down to drink and saw a cool heron surfing on the back of a hippo, it was an enjoyable sight having all the different species around.
Posted on 29 October 2020
Epic Roller Coaster Rides POV If you like Rollercoasters as much as I do you will love Front Row Seat POV compilation video of the scariest Rollercoasters in the world. This is just volume one, so don't think this is the end of the list. Scariest Roller Coasters Front Seat POV Compilation | Epic Roller Coaster Rides POV
Posted on 24 October 2020
Let's Explore Tagaytay Picnic Grove Picnic Grove Tagaytay City, what is it like now? Is it worth the entrance fee? Is it safe for children? Another travel vlog video in our "Places to visit in Tagaytay" series. On a recent trip to Tagaytay Philippines, we spent a day at Picnic Grove.
Posted on 29 October 2020
On a recent trip to Antipolo, we had the pleasure of visiting Jardin De Miramar and spending a pleasant afternoon in the gardens. Now Jardin De Miramar may not be a top Antipolo tourist spot but if you are wanting to spend a peaceful afternoon in a tranquil garden setting then this is a great place to do that.
Posted on 24 November 2020
Philippines travel Vlog 2020 Explore CYC Beach Coron Palawan | Coron Palawan Travel Video Explore CYC Beach Coron Palawan with Cheche. CYC Beach Coron is included in many of the island hopping tours available and is now starting to become crowded with all the tourist boats stopping there. Join me with this Coron Palawan Travel Video.
Posted on 7 November 2020
As part of our recent trip and part of our travel Vlog we visited Twin Lagoons Coron as part of the "Ultimate Tour" which is a Coron Island Hopping tour that is well worth doing. All-in-all we both think Twin Lagoon Palawan is definitely worth adding to any itinerary...
Posted on 14 November 2020
Sweet But Psycho describes Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad to a Tee. EDM Remix.
Posted on 19 November 2020
Peoples Park Tagaytay is a "must-see" location if you are sightseeing in Tagaytay, but, like so many other places in the Philippines, they want to charge you every time you turn around.
Posted on 12 November 2020
Crab mentality is a widely used term in the Philippines given to [...]
Posted on 12 November 2020
Dedicated to all those who were/are/ or possibly will be in Quarantine, self-isolation or lockdown. Coronavirus, to you I say "Thanks for the memories". Here is our parody of the Lady Antebellum song, "I need you now".
Posted on 13 November 2020
Posted on 29 October 2020
Take the front row seat on a recent ride we had on Twister Coaster Knoebels. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe... Twister Roller Coaster Rides Front Row POV Twister Roller Coaster Knoebels On Ride POV
Posted on 23 October 2020
Trekking from Ranger Station to Mt. Pulag Summit Mt. Pulag (2,922 metres) is the highest mountain in Northern Luzon and the third highest mountain in the Philippines.
Posted on 29 October 2020
Azure Beach Club Paris Hilton, also known as Azure Urban Resort Residences, is an urban condominium development in Manila

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