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Hi, Cheche here… Thanks for stopping by our blog.  I hope you find something you like. Follow us on our adventures as we discover and review cities, beaches, waterfalls, natural wonders, rafting, canyoning, food, restaurants and much, much more… 


Welcome to our travel blog. Are you ready to go solo and see what the world has to offer? Do you have a bucket list of things to do that just don’t seem to be getting done? Each year gone is another year lost… Don’t let another year pass without finally living some of your travel dreams! Seeing the sights, eating the food and immersing yourself in the cultures.

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Welcome to our travel blog and travel vlog.

 With so many amazing places to see in this great world we live in, it is often difficult to know where to start. This is one reason why we decided to put together this Travel Vlog, sharing our experiences and, hopefully giving you great ideas for your next trip, holiday or adventure. 

Explore – Experience – Grow – Share
But most of all – Enjoy Yourself

"Be an adventurer and create the world you live in and the experiences that shape you.


Our mission is the hope that this Travel blog reaches out and inspires someone to take that first step and experience the world of travel as we have.  The world truly is a beautiful place and it should also be a safe place for men and women alike.” 

Don't be a spectator

Don't be a tourist

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