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Updated: Mar 8

Aliw Falls Laguna: For quite a while now, Laguna’s main claim to fame was Pagsanjan Falls (now called Cavinti Falls) and for the adrenaline-junkies, the shooting-the-rapids boat ride. But, in the last few years, it seems more and more unknown waterfalls are being “discovered”. Of course, locals have always known of these falls, but being out of the way and secluded, they have remained “unfound” until now.

Aliw Falls Laguna is one of these rare hidden gems

in the obscure town of Luisiana.

Aliw Falls Laguna during a wet week

Compare to others in the area, the trek to Aliw Falls was quite easy. There was a little mud here and there but there were no steep incline/descent and no rock climbing that was a challenge at all. The Falls are located at the headwaters of the Dapi River and the base or starting point we used for the trek was Dafi Resort.

A few rice fields you need to cross to get to the falls

Aliw Falls

Before leaving the resort we were asked to make “Environmental Donation”, we offered P50. We then hired a guide for another P300. The guide was well worth the money as he was so friendly and helpful. He also brought a few floating tubes and things to use if we decided to swim which was great.

It took about 25 minutes of relatively easy walking to arrive at the Falls. As we were approaching you could hear the sound of the falls getting louder which increased the excitement for me. It had rained the night before but the trail was not overly wet or muddy. Most of the trail follows the river making it a pleasant hike. There were plenty of shade trees along the way to protect you from the sun which was a definite plus.

Approaching the falls

We made it to the Falls early and had the area all to ourselves for a good hour before others started arriving. I absolutely recommend getting there early and enjoying the feeling you get from being there in peace and solitude. The perfect place to sit and meditate or just let the calm sounds relax you. Totally worth it.

I found Aliw Falls to be mesmerizing with its soft multi-cascading streams of waters and its lush green rocks and foliage. The Falls are approximately 25 meters high and cascade down to a small but deep pool below. The water in the pool was not a little murky due to mud but I still wanted to dive in. Our guide advised us not to swim in the pool as it is deep and people have drowned. But you can climb to the top via a path to the left of the Falls and enjoy the water there.

We were advised not to swim by our guide

Over the top of the Falls

This is a great place to have a picnic, unwind and enjoy the day without worrying. There are a few man-made stone chairs for group picnics if you are fast enough to get them. Also, the guides act as lifeguards keeping the site safe which is a good thing.

A place this beautiful and only 2 hours out of Manila… This is definitely a “Must-See”, especially now before it becomes too popular, commercialized and potentially ruined.

Just a note – If you are going to a picnic, please clean up any mess you make and help keep the area beautiful, thank you kindly.

Conclusion – Aliw Falls Laguna

The Falls do not have as many swimming options as other falls but it has its own beauty and serenity. I love it and recommend everyone get to see it. It is not too far from Manila and it has easier natural access compared to others making it a good picnic location. We used DAFI Resort as our starting point and on the return, we used their change/shower room for P15. So, if you are “Chasing Waterfalls” add this one to your list if you haven’t already. If you are a nature lover or just love the outdoors, this is a must-see…

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