Cloud 9 Antipolo 360 view Hanging Bridge and Sky Deck Experience

Updated: Mar 8

We had heard so many good things about Cloud 9 Antipolo, but, how much is truth and how much is hype? Is the Cloud 9 Antipolo 360 view as good as they say? Let’s find out!

Entrance/exit going to Cloud 9

After visiting the Hinulugang Taktak Falls, we concluded our tour by heading to Cloud 9 Antipolo to see what all the hype was about. The walk from the bottom of the hill to the Cloud 9 Restaurant took us a leisurely 10 minutes to complete. this walk was long and arduous. Upon reaching the restaurant, we were welcomed by a display of antique statues.

Statue of two connected woman holding a piece of flowers
going to Cafe Nueve Restaurant

As we had said in a previous blog post about Antipolo, Cloud 9 Antipolo and the Cloud 9 Restaurant is definitely a romantic spot for couples and a popular place for sight-seers. Previously called Café Nueve, it offers delectable and sumptuous dishes all made better with panoramic views as you dine in.

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Entrance to Cafe Nueve
Museo de Balanghai is just infront of Cafe Nueve

The Cloud 9 Restaurant mostly serve Filipino dishes, made by its homegrown chef who has long perfected the art of cooking home-cooked meals such as pinakbet, kare-kare, crispy pata, and other native cuisines. This is also the reason why Cloud 9 is mostly visited by tourists and returning Filipinos who would like to have a peaceful and quiet visit in the Philippines.

TIPS: You can dine in here and have free access to the hanging bridge. However, I don’t like their menu at that time. Hmmm… A bit pricey but it can’t be an experience without trying. If your stomach is already full because you opted to eat in other restaurants, then you need to pay the entrance fee.

At the left side of Cafe Nueve is the Information Area

The Cloud 9 Antipolo 360 view

The entrance fee to climb the hanging bridge is just ₱50. If you are not afraid of heights, then you should definitely try crossing their hanging bridge and reach the 360 View Deck. But if you are, then it’s a challenge to conquer your fear of height.

Gary from the bottom of hanging bridge


Not for the acrophobic. This is not for faint-hearted people. The hanging bridge is literally moving and swaying as you go along it. You can hear some screams from other tourists who is also on the bridge. There’s another option for the less adventurous – Cloud 9 restaurant!

Crossing over a hanging bridge!

Since Gary and I like adventurous things like this, we were so excited to try. The guard allows the tourist to cross the bridge by batch. He only let another batch in once the previous batch is almost halfway through. Fair enough!

Gary enjoying the view

It was truly a nerve-wracking experience for us. Ahead of me are a group of teenagers, legs were shaking in every step especially when the bridge is starting to swing. It was quite thrilling because of the windy atmosphere.

And Gary was vexatious that time, he intentionally shakes the bridge, a few times. When other tourist saw that a foreigner did that, for some reason.. they enjoy it. Hmmm! It might be a terrifying experience for some tourist but they can’t deny the fact that the view is simply breathtaking.

Crossing the hanging bridge and reaching the viewing deck allows you to get an amazing overlooking 360 view of Manila Skyline and Sierra Madre Mountains. I love the cold weather up there. I appreciate the breezy and calmness feeling as well. It can make you feel like you’re at the top of the world.

Crossing hanging bridge to the viewing deck
What a scenic sunset view

Get ready with your phone camera, DSLR or GoPro because there are plenty of beautiful things to take your best candid shot. Since we weren’t there before the sunset but still, the view was cloudy yet stunning.

Cloud 9 – Hanging bridge and Cafe Nueve view
Hanging bridge and the tunnel of vines under
Manila Skyline from Cloud 9 viewing deck

Leaving the View Deck

We saw some tourist walk back down the hanging bridge from viewing deck but when we try that, we were not allowed to do that and told that we should use stairs then bridge going back to the restaurant. Isn’t fair? Right!

7th Heaven bridge

Don’t forget to greet that lonely monkey in the bridge. Cloud 9 Antipolo has a lot to offer. There’s a pool, zip-line, and a hotel if you want to stay overnight with your friends and loved ones. Better check their official website (Cloud 9 Hotel) because their prices may change anytime.

Some birds are not meant to be caged

How to Get To Cloud 9 Antipolo?

From Cubao ⦁ From MRT Cubao Station, walk towards Telus building in front of farmers market then look for an FX or jeepney heading to Antipolo. ⦁ Jeepneys should be bound to Antipolo-Simbahan or Antipolo(Sumulong). ⦁ Ride a Trike and tell the driver to drop you at Cloud9.

From Shaw Boulevard ⦁ From MRT Shaw Station, walk towards the terminal across Shangri La Plaza then look for an FX or Jeepney heading to Antipolo ⦁ Jeepneys should be bound to Antipolo-Simbahan or Antipolo(Sumulong). ⦁ Ride a Trike and tell the driver to drop you at Cloud 9.

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