Cowrie Island Palawan – Honda Bay island hopping

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Palawan’s Cowrie Island, part of our Honda Bay Island Hoping trip, is named after the brightly-shelled mollusks which residents said thrive in the area. It is 12 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City proper and it takes less than 30 minutes travel time by land to the Honda Bay Wharf, which is the jump off station to get to the island and just about 10-20 minutes minutes boat ride.

Drone shot of the Island

Cowrie Island – Honda Bay island hopping

Palawan’s Cowrie Island indeed is picturesque, offers exciting day tour island experience for local and foreign tourist who will enjoy fun, worry free, and affordable vacation. It’s just recently opened to welcome tourists as an alternative location to other crowded islands of Honda Bay. It is recently surged in popularity with its upgrade in amenities that ideal for for picnic trips or simply basking under the sun and lazing around the sand with your friends, family or just alone. It is also ideal venue for weddings and pre-nuptial shooting.

Guess who...

One of the first things that you will notice in the island is its breath-taking stretch of white sand that teasingly welcomes you to an expanse of clear blue waters. The beach is not all to it, however.There are tent cottages at a fair price of Php 200 each and native cottages for only Php 250. The tables and chairs situated near the pavilion are free if you need it.

With 10 cabanas looking out to the waters; a detached pavilion that can accommodate over 300 guests; Massage Area;and thatch-roofed spa huts quietly set underneath soaring coconut trees.

What to explore

One of the first things that you will notice in the island is its breath-taking stretch of white sand that teasingly welcomes you to an expanse of clear blue waters. Coupled this with amenities to accommodate your basic needs and you get the idea of how satisfying a Cowrie Island experience can be. The beach is not all to it, however.

You can climb the trees, experiment some creative shoot with the help of your tour guide. The beach is pristine, very beautiful, the water is very clear, i don’t swim but i appreciated the coolness and vastness of the sea. We caught some star fish to take some pictures but put it back again in the sea. 

Palawan’s Cowrie Island – Honda Bay island hopping

Locals have freshly cut buko juice that would take the heat and thirst away..there’s a mini bar if you wish to get can enjoy walking along the shoreline on a sunset. Their mouth-watering lunch sets, which include Palawan’s famously fresh fish and other seafood, along with vegetables, pasta, soup and desserts. Great for lounging.  

By the way, you may also avail the henna tattoo starting at Php 50 depending on the size and design you want. I teased Gary I’m going to have one but he stopped me many times.

Basic Information

  1. The island offers big cottages that can accommodate up to 20 persons and most of these are under the trees. Boat ride per individual (if you’re just joining a group) is usually around Php 200; if you want to hire the whole boat, it will cost you around Php 800 for six persons. 

Selling points

  1.  A place for Fun and Relaxation

  2.  Lovely beaches

  3.  Perfect for Relaxation

  4.  Good food and fine sand

  5.  Gorgeous island

How to get there

Rent a van or a tricycle from the city proper to the Honda Bay wharf. There tourists would be asked to register. DIY tourists would choose a tour for the day and pay the corresponding fee. Travel time from the town proper to the wharf could take 45 minutes.


1. You should bring food because this island restaurant is crowed and sometimes it lacks food services

2. The best time to visit Cowrie Island is early morning as you will have the chance to see the beautiful sunrise while the best time to leave is around 5pm so you can witness bats from the nearby ‘Bat Island’ fly their way to the mainland. Amazing really sight. 

3. Bring your ‘malong’ in case you want to sit on the sand and enjoy a moment of solitude. Once you are finished with your swimming, banana boat ride and all the ‘water-fun’ in the island, you can conveniently freshen up in the shower rooms and changing rooms.

Indeed, among the islands in Honda Bay, Cowrie Island is among the top choices of visitors in Puerto Princesa City. Fun island to hang out on for a few hours. So, next time you plan a trip, make sure to include in your itinerary a visit to this island. For bookings and reservations email

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