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Updated: Apr 11

Cabin crew often receive a number of requests from passengers when flying, but these ones will certainly make you laugh-out-loud.

Flight attendants from airline Jet2 have revealed the most hilarious questions asked aboard a flight, that will have you wondering where people’s common sense has gone. One of the most cringe-worthy questions? ‘What’s in the ham and cheese sandwich?’ Yes, you heard right! What is it about people, travel and airlines that make so many Funny Travel Stories?

“We always try to remain professional, but it’s great that we can have a joke with passengers after they’ve said something without thinking how ridiculous it is”.

Below are some of the most stand-out questions asked, one of which included what the ‘whirring’ sound was, and whether the engines could be turned off. And – unbelievably – whether they could avoid flying too close to Windsor Castle in case it ‘annoyed the Queen’. Flight attendants must have soooo many funny travel stories to tell…..

Every year, airports handle millions of holidaymakers, and once on the plane, they like to see their requests greeted with a smile and can-do attitude. However, sometimes questions can be mindless and as they are hilarious.  Read more...

“Can you fix my hair?”

One crew member was asked by a very famous celebrity, who pressed their call bell, to fix their hair. The flight attendant agreed to the unusual request and headed back to the galley to get a hairbrush, comb and small can of hairspray.

When he returned armed with the hairdressing equipment, the star roared with laughter and explained it was the AIR they wanted to be fixed and pointed overhead! The poor steward turned on the air vent and crept back to the galley. Cringe…

“Could you turn the engines down – they are too noisy.”

Er, we’re hoping the passenger wasn't serious about this request. Another passenger asked: “Please can the captain stop the turbulence?”.

“Could we take the scenic route?”

While flying into Nice in the South of France, one cheeky passenger asked a stewardess if the pilot could ‘go a bit further down the coast so we can have a look at Monaco,’

“Where are the showers?”

We know they have some luxurious cabins but we would have liked to see the face of the flight attendant who was asked by a passenger where they could take a shower on a Virgin Atlantic flight.

“Can you take my children to the playroom?”

A playroom, indeed. Sometimes, passengers appear to forget they’re 30,000ft in the air.

“Why is there no phone signal?”

A stewardess said that a traveller asked her: ‘Why am I getting such a poor mobile phone signal? This flight is going to be really long and I’ll be bored if I can’t use my smartphone.’ Oh, dear!

“Can I book a massage for my Barbie doll?”

This request may have been understandable if it came from a three-year-old. But it didn’t. It came from a fully grown adult.

“Could you get my blanket from my suitcase?”

One steward said that one cheeky passenger asked them to get his blanket. He said: ‘I once got asked mid-flight if I could nip down into the hold and get a passenger his blanket out of his suitcase. After a full description of the bag, I then explained this wasn’t possible, to which he insisted he was going to go instead.’

“Is there a Starbuck’s onboard?”

Yes, someone really did ask a Virgin flight attendant this question.

“Can you help me find my glass eye?”

This strange request came from a passenger on another Virgin flight… we’re still trying to find out if the said object was ever found….

‘Please can you open the window?’

Yes, according to a survey of Virgin Atlantic’s cabin crew, this is the most frequent mad request they get… seems that a worrying number of us have a lot to learn when it comes to the basic science of aviation…

“Please could you not disturb the Queen?”

Speaking about their weirdest passenger requests, one steward said a passenger was worried about Heathrow Airport being so close to Windsor Castle as the plane was coming into London and asked if cabin crew could arrange for the planes not to fly over the castle in the future in case the Queen found it a nuisance. What a thoughtful flyer!

If you have any funny travel stories of your own, please let us know. We all like a good laugh..

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