Holiday Travel Tips : Let’s Make a Plan

Updated: Mar 6

“I wish I never travelled with that regret!” Have you ever said that to yourself right as you boarded the aeroplane? We know that planning a holiday especially international holiday can get overwhelming be it for experienced solo travellers or for families with adults. From ‘what exactly to pack’ to selected ‘things to do”, wouldn’t you love to save yourself from the jitters of preparing for a vacation and rather delve into excitement for your upcoming trip.

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Don't forget your passport

Holiday Travel Tips

Book a Package

Almost 70% of travellers consider budget as their top priority while planning their holidays and look for travel deals before making a decision. Booking a holiday with a renowned travel and tour agency gives you the advantage of having access to offers across multiple destinations, besides saving a lot of time and money. There are several tour packages for honeymooners, family and group travellers that come with well-planned itineraries including the best flights, hotels, and excursions choices.

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Plan in Advance

Smart travellers will rarely depend on last-minute booking unless there is a low-season offer. If you are planning a European vacation or an African safari during the peak season, you will love the special deals on flights and tour packages. Besides being less expensive, planning any trip in advance always gives you the advantage of not regretting to hear, ‘sorry we are full’ or ‘this offer is no more valid’. You surely do not want to feel disappointed to miss out on that honeymoon deal or group tour, for instance, during the festive season. More great holiday travel tips.

TIPS: We recommend planning your holidays at least 2-3 months in prior to get special rates and explore options that best suit your travel preference.

Book Your Flights Online

He who books airline tickets online is not a snob. Yes, you read that right! Would you prefer calling or emailing airline offices a hundred times in the hope that your ticket is in your budget or simply book the best deal in three easy steps with no extra processing fee? Booking your flights online gives you the advantage of saving money especially when you have multiple connections or are travelling in a big group.

TIPS: Selected online agents club great holiday deals including transfers, activities and insurance coverage that match your holiday budgets and add convenience to your travels.

Pick ‘Things To Do’ Wisely

Agreed that travelling needs to be thrilling and we should make most of our vacation time, but hey! Don’t forget to breathe and relax. If you are planning a vacation for more than two weeks, it would be ideal to pick 2 to maximum 3 signature experiences in a city per day. Ask your tour operator that is best with your co-travellers.  – family, friends or simply as a couple.

TIPS: You may want to do almost everything possible in a short period of time, however it is wise to slow down sometimes and indulge in a fulfilling experience rather than moving around and feeling exhausted just few days after you have just started your holidays.
Pack like a pro - if you know how a Pro Packs...

Pack Like A Pro

Aha! Finally, your sturdy suitcase is out, and you cannot wait to shove in the best of your outfits, accessories and all the hundreds of ‘essentials’. Did you forget about your temptation for shopping and the extra-weight fare that you really don’t want to pay at the airport? We highly recommend you consider your packing list as a topmost priority and travel light.

That does not mean you leave your woollens behind for your Christmas vacation in the U.S. or pack only winter outfits for a summer holiday in Africa and Asia. Consider the weather, activities and your period of travelling …and most importantly your baggage allowance. Read on for more great holiday travel tips.

TIPS: Create a packing list even if it’s a month in advance if you are traveling on a long vacation.

Organize Your Documents

We can all take our documents for granted especially if you have been a frequent traveler. It’s a rule of thumb -passport, air tickets, vaccination cards, check… Err…what if you are traveling with a family or hosting a group? Did you take all your debit and credit cards? Did you exactly do the headcount and make sure everyone’s ticket and passport are in order. What if you have had a last-minute emergency before heading to the airport.

TIP: Before those sweat beads and tears of fear start rolling down your face, prepare a dedicated document folder at least a week in advance. Make sure your passport is valid for 6 months and keep a sticky note handy in your office or on the mirror of your bedroom.

Is travel insurance important?

Travel agents highly recommend getting travel insurance. While it is a prerequisite for some countries during the visa application, travel insurance becomes handy in several ways; flight cancellation, medical emergency, unexpected damages, etc. Many airline and travel agents offer your favourable and inexpensive travel insurance options starting as low as $20. Always read the offer document before signing up for your preferred option.

TIP: Some medical insurance also offer cover up for international holidays. This may come useful during adventure travels and for long term travel purpose.

Are you excited to plan your holiday? What are you waiting for?  Enhance your smart traveling experience.

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