Luzon Destinations for Peaceful Soul Searching

Why would you take a break at a place and go to that remote corner of the earth where you can’t find casinos, high-end shopping scene, clubs/bars, parties, art or fascinating buildings? Because there, you’ll find yourself. If you’ve lost yourself somewhere in the enticing materialism or exotic vacations or if the stress on the job is interfering with your work performance, health, or personal life, and your body say “enough” it’s time to take action, book yourself for a journey to your soul.

Sometimes, it is not bad to go on a trip alone. Being alone enables you to reconnect to your soul while discovering places where the ‘high-end scene’ is personified by living within yourself!  A retreat for a few days would be great, but you would also like the opportunity to wander around on your own and do some spontaneous things. Because of that, we listed top destinations for girls who need to reflect and have some solo time:

Soul Searching Destination


Ask anyone where broken hearts go and they’ll probably say Baguio. No matter how cliche Baguio is for broken-hearted individuals, it never seems to go out of trend. The chilly spot is a haven for those who want to forget. Get lost in the wonders of Bencab museum or walk through the pine trees of Camp John Hay.

The Manor at Camp John Hay

A visit to Baguio City is never complete without a stop at Camp John Hay. The place has everything everyone loves about the city — recreation and a respite from the heavy jolt of urban living. Camp John Hay used to be the rest and recreational facility for employees of the military and Department of Defense of the United States. This 690-hectare property was turned over to the Philippine government in July 1, 1991, and was initially administered by the Philippine Tourism Authority and then turned over to the Bases Conversion Development.

enjoying the view of Burnham Park

Burnham Park is centred around a man-made lake located at the heart of the city.  It is a well-designed park that’s tasteful to the eye, romantic at night, and a great place for a stroll. There’s a big lake in the middle, where you can row a boat with your loved ones or friends, the walkways are wide, there is music playing all the time, there are bicycle rentals and there are plenty of street vendors from which to grab a bite to eat. Best place to stroll or jog. Boat ride in the lagoon is available for 150 for an unlimited time. Bicycle rental is 50 for an hour. It’s definitely one of the most interesting places to visit in Baguio. When the light is lit up at night it is very romantic.

BenCab Museum adjacent garden

The BenCab Museum is a brief 15-minute drive from the centre of Baguio City. Built on a promontory, the museum commands a breathtaking view of the adjacent garden, farm, hill and mini-forest, the surrounding mountains, and the South China Sea in the distant west.

Strawberry Farm La Trinidad

Strawberry Farm is located in La Trinidad Valley three kilometres from Baguio City proper. Just 30 minutes from the city, Strawberry Farm “opens its doors” for the activity from November to May every year.  Eat your heart out with strawberry taho or simply roam around the scenic spots the place has to offer. Baguio is an abundance of hot-spots that keeps the urbanizes coming back for more.


Sagada is probably the place to go to if you need a little bit of soul-searching of even moving on. Forget about Instagram-able moments, this spot is so beautiful, it may literally take your breath away. Cuddle in thick coats and huddle around a campfire when night dawns, or watch the orange sunset bathe in a pool of clouds. There’s something quite serene about the great heights and cozy atmosphere of Sagada.

Hanging Coffins of Sagada

The hanging coffins of Sagada are one of the most interesting destinations in Mountain Province. Hanging the coffins in high-elevated is a century-old belief, some believe that the higher the body is laid, the closer the person is to heaven.

Tropical and Subtropical Coniferous forests Eco Valley

Echo Valley is probably the nearest tourist spot from Sagada Tourist Center. Just a short walk from the Tourist Center. Hike through some steep cliffs and see some beautiful rocks and the famous Hanging Coffins.

Kiltepan Peak, Sagada, Mountain Province

The Kiltepan Viewpoint is known for its sea of clouds and the breathtaking sunrise. It is synonymous with a spectacular sunrise over a sea of clouds that hovers over or gently kisses the surrounding mountains. It is about a 10-minute drive from the town centre, with mostly paved roads leading to circumscribed by pine trees imbued by the morning dew. 


Batanes Island is a place that you will never forget; a place so mystical, so mesmerizing that going back home will be difficult. Its captivating beauty and pure magnificence make Batanes what it is. Unlike in the rest of the Philippines, there is always that feeling of calmness and relaxation here and the comforting fact that it is a place where time is not important and everything stands still. It makes you realize the polarity of the place where everything is at rest, yet alive.

Sabtang Lighthouse Batanes

Sabtang Lighthouse is the first man-made structure to greet you as you approach Sabtang island, posing like a sentry to the unpredictable waters of Batanes.  The picturesque lighthouse standing on a hill overlooking the sea is only a few minutes hike from the Malakdang welcome arch.

Pacific Garden of Fundacion Pacita facing the Pacific Ocean

Fundacion Pacita, once her home and studio, is now the premier hotel and an art museum, wherein parts of the proceeds go to her foundation for young Ivatan artists. You have to book early if you wanted to stay here as, despite the steep prices of their accommodation, they are always fully booked.

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port Batanes

Mahatao Boat Shelter Port is a man-made refuge inaugurated in 2007 to keep most of the boats in Bataan safe during bad weather. The province is usually bombarded by strong typhoons, especially during the southwest and northeast monsoon seasons.


Silanguin Cove is perfect for a castaway camping adventure but it is the farthest of all the newly rediscovered secluded beaches in San Antonio, Zambales. The biggest cove and the longest greyish beach has a lot to offer. The boat ride from Pundaquit Port in San Antonio is 1.5-2 hours. But don’t fret, it is worth the ride and scenery when you arrive at the island. The beach has fine – grey sand. Nice beach to relax, swim and kayak. The calm seas are the perfect backdrop for a muni-muni moment. You can go there via a boat ride from Pundaquit or Subic.

A two-room hut is available for P1500 per night.


Talisayin Cove is just one of the pristine coves located along the Zambales coastline where visitors are treated to a more relaxed and quiet environment. Flat out you ought to know, there is no signal in this place, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. You get to appreciate the surroundings and the people around you. Serene atmosphere, fine sand and warm waters. You will reach this Island via boat ride around 45 mins.

Talisayin Cove Zambales early in the morning view
Crystal clear water and white sand


Masasa Beach is the fish’s belly, a curl of powdery paradise located in Tingloy, Batangas. This beach is the hidden gem of the town because people don’t know this place exists and tourists usually only reach until Sombrero Island. Ironically, there is “Mag-Asawang Bato” that awaits solo travellers! Mag-Asawang Bato is two gigantic rock formations that are absolutely Instagram-worthy. You can go there via a boat ride from Anilao, Batangas or you could rent your own boat to enjoy other islands as well.


Its crystal clear, shallow waters give off a beautiful turquoise shimmer, something that will catch your attention even from a great distance. 

The iconic rock pool formation at Masasa beach

Masasa Beach is quite accessible, even if you’re taking public transportation. If you’re used to switching modes of transportation multiple times in one journey, you probably wouldn’t mind spending 3 hours on the bus, another hour in the jeepney, and 45 minutes on a passenger boat.


Tambobong Beach is definitely the Boracay of the North for its pure and sugary white sand. Its perfect for every girl’s reflection needs in life, plus there isn’t a huge crowd to distract from deep thoughts. You can get to this beautifully kept place via a bus ride to Alaminos, Pangasinan.


Sambawan Island in Biliran’s answer to paradise. White sands, thriving marine life and warm blue waters lapping up the tree-lined shore is a must for those wanting an escape from reality. It is located 5km off the west coast of Maripipi Municipality, south of the Samar Sea is fast becoming the most visited attraction by the tourists. The semi-curved beach with soaring rock formations covered with green grass as a backdrop create a bubble of fantasy that you are entering another dimension.

With places like these all over the Philippines, who’s going to run out of places to run to whenever the odds aren’t going your way? These do not even cover half or a quarter of the other places where you can go soul-searching. For sure, there are a number of other places just waiting to be discovered by the next lonely soul.

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I hope you find something you like.
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