Starfish Island Palawan Honda Bay Philippines Reviewed

Starfish Island Palawan is a small snorkel spot of Puerto Princesa with less than 20 cottages as an accommodation.for picnicking island-hoppers . Its main island made up of white sand and is surrounded by greenish waters.  A few palm trees grow on the island with a mangrove forest grew on the eastern side of the island.

Starfish Island palawan, Honda Bay philippines

Starfish Island Palawan Honda Bay Philippines Reviewed

The attraction of this island is the starfish by the sea shore. You’ll be amazed to witness different kinds of fish in various different colors littering the shallow water while  others seemed to prefer hanging out on the sand.

The variety of wildlife was not as varied as it had been in El Nido, but I still enjoyed the snorkel just as much! I was especially happy to see more rainbow parrot fish.

A nice picture to take home

You can also make use of the props surrounding the island for photography sessions. Our tour guide is very creative in taking pictures. 

They insisted that we wear the life jackets provided because it was required.

Getting To Starfish Island Palawan

Starfish Island Palawan directions – Honda Bay is very quick and easy to get to from Puerto Princesa city and going on a tour is the way to go! A shuttle van which the tour guide is Kuya Bonbon picked us up from our hotel around 7am, continued to pick the rest of the group up, then we’re off to Sta Lourdes Wharf where boats going to the islands were docked.

It only takes 30 minutes to get to Honda Bay from Puerto Princesa City then you’ll get your own group boat and the island hopping begins!!!

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