Summer in the Philippines – Surviving the Heat

Updated: Mar 8

Summer in the Philippines means spending time outside, soaking up the sun, and lounging by the pool. But during the summer months of March- June, Filipinos experience extremely hot, humid weather. And while most people look forward to these months as the perfect time to head over to the beach, it’s impossible to escape the heat once you’re back in the city. Here are some tips on how to survive the summer season in the Philippines.

Stay Hydrated

Particularly in the summer, dehydration can happen fast. To stay hydrated, drink at least 2-3 litres of water every day. For added taste, try coconut water, diluted fruit juice, or water with slices of fruit. Carry a reusable bottle, cooler, or water bladder so you always have water on-hand. You may also opt to have hydration salts or tablets to keep yourself hydrated. Summer is also a time for caution and you should stay hydrated all day to prevent heat stress or heat stroke.

Avoid energy drinks. Anything high in sugar or caffeine is going to dehydrate your body, so avoid beverages with exceptionally high levels of both: energy drinks. These powerful mood-altering beverages can actually be dangerous in the summer heat. Don’t wait until you feel physically thirsty — be proactive about your hydration by drinking water, and taking other steps, throughout the day.

Wear lightweight, breathable clothes

Apart from staying out in the sun for long periods of time and keeping yourself hydrated, what you wear can affect how your body adapts to temperature. Excessive sweating can lead to dehydration, so wearing the right clothes can help you stay healthy, hydrated, and cool.  It’s advised to wear loose-fitting clothes made out of cooling, breathable materials like cotton, rayon, chambray, linen or synthetic fibres. Colours of your clothes also play an important role as bright coloured tops such as yellow or orange can repel the heat of the sun. Choosing light colours can help you stay comfortable and cool as well.

Cool down with frozen treats & drinks

Summertime is also the perfect season to indulge in cool, frozen treats such as ice cream, ice candy and a favourite ice-shaved dessert called halo-halo. If these frozen treats are too sweet for you, cool drinks such as fruit shakes, smoothies, etc.


Coconut water will surely quench your thirst. It is delicious and filled with electrolytes, so it makes an excellent alternative to water on hot days. If you have been sweating or working out, replenishing your body’s electrolyte stores is a great way to stay hydrated. Look for unsweetened varieties, as sugar hinders your hydration.

You can enjoy diluted fruit juices. Choose natural, 100% juice options with no added sugar, such as apple juice or cranberry juice, then just add water. The higher your water-to-juice ratio, the more healthy hydrating power you’ll receive. Spice up your glass of water by adding a bit of fruit. Slices of lemon or lime are classic choices and can make your glass of water more refreshing. You can also think outside the box with slices of cucumber, mandarin orange, or grapefruit. A simple slice of fruit can improve the taste of your water, and may even add a bit of Vitamin C to your drink.

Pack a cooler. If you plan to spend a day out in the sun, prepare for hydration by packing a cooler. Bring along healthy hydrating snacks — like cantaloupe or pineapple slices — and cold drinks — like coconut water, fruit juice, and water. If you have the tools to stay hydrated, you’ll be much more like to use them.  

Go to the Mall during Summer in the Philippines

Should the heat become too unbearable at home and turning on the electric fan to its highest speed isn’t enough to keep you cool, the next option to consider is heading over to a nearby mall. Great news if you live near one since you won’t have to spend a single centavo to take advantage of the cool ambience within these local malls.

Some of the window shopper just chillin’ at the mall
Keep calm and go shopping

Visit Cool Places

Feeling cold at Burnham Park. Baguio

While the Philippines is generally the best destination to get tanned during the hot season, not all Filipinos would want to endure the heat. Luckily, for those who aren’t beach bums, there are cool places across the country where you can visit to escape the heat even for a few days! Baguio City, known as the City of Pines, remains on the top spot – being tagged as the country’s summer capital. Other famous destinations that would keep you cool are Tagaytay City, Batanes, Sagada, Negros, and Bukidnon.

Go for a swim

If your town or province does not have beach waters suitable for swimming or taking a trip to Boracay Island or other white-sand beaches will be too costly for you, fret not because there are numerous swimming pools and water parks you can head to. And for those who’d like to avoid crowded public pools, you may opt to rent a private resort, go to a hotel or sports club, or set up an inflatable garden pool at home.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips to survive the scorching heat this summer, it’s also best to bring a hat, an umbrella, and put on sunscreen while under the sun.

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