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Urbanties, are you looking for a nice spot to kick back and relax that isn’t too far from Manila? Time to escape the hustle and bustle of your hectic schedule? Let’s explore Ternate Cavite Beach Resort and see if it is as good as it sounds.

I was invited by a friend for a simple get together at one of the beaches in Ternate Cavite. Since it was a holiday (Yehey), it was the perfect time for a beach getaway, right? Ohh well… I’m a bit of a picky commuter and even thou I was coming from General Trias Cavite, the trip to Ternate was still TOO LONG! I needed to wake early and prepare so I could catch the bus from Kalayaan going to Ternate.

OMG, it seemed like I was waiting at the bus terminal forever… As I found out, buses with “Naic / Ternate” signage are always full and hardly ever stop. I was getting late, my friends kept calling me wondering where I was. Arghh it’s so frustrating! I waited for 2 hours to find the right bus (Haha 2hrs. Here is a fact for you, public commuters often feel like they’re waiting for 50% longer than they actually are. Crazy fact, lol.

So I decided to go to SM Bacoor and ride a bus bound to Ternate. The fare to Ternate from SM Bacoor was ₱65. It took an hour of commuting but finally, I was there and my friends could stop calling my phone. I got off the bus at St. Anthony Hospital, just in front of the public market. From here I rode a tricycle to the beach (₱50 fare – Very expensive especially when it’s less than a 5 min ride to the resort). If you don’t want to spend the ₱50 on a tricycle then it shouldn’t be much more than a moderate walk to the beach from the public markets.

I don’t suggest you take public transport. Drivers will rip you off, I think.

Arriving at the beach entrance, the first thing I noticed was the entry sign is the list of the resort “Rules and Regulations”. When entering the resort, on the left side is the security cabin and a few steps from there is the nipa house with “information” signage.

While searching for my friends, I stopped to look at the surroundings and guess what… I realized many descriptions of this place were wrong! It’s not a white sand beach – The sand is definitely a dark grey to black colour which can give the beach a dirty look at times. Also, some areas were clean but others were quite polluted.

The description of the place is wrong. It’s not a white sand beach.

Make sure you fully charge your phone or bring a power pack because there are no available outlets for charging. But, worse than that… the CR (toilets) were disgusting (I mean YUCK). I was assuming it’s going to be great (not the CR… I mean I was expecting the beach to be great… Duhhh). Being near a marine base I had assumed it to be neat and clean… but it was not. This resort wants the experience to be 100% wholesome but so far they are falling well below expectations. The beach was not well maintained. But while waiting for breakfast, the group is having fun by playing some exciting games.

Finally, I found the rest of the group at the beachfront having breakfast. They brought heaps of foods because it’s so expensive to buy in the resort (For example, their 3in1 coffee cost ₱20).

While eating, we heard that another friend had a bad experience at Ternate Cavite Beach Resort. They had brought a tent with them for the kids only to find out that they have to pay an extra P300 for building a tent on the beach. The staff sarcastically responded by saying “unless you stay on the water?” And the manager/owner who just arrived told them “if you don’t like it here you’re free to go” when they complained.

Hearing that story really pissed us off. There’s a certain distance a resort can claim ownership of property on or near the beach… and even if they put the tent up near the beach, the resort manager and staff should not be as arrogant as to ask a fee or get out. OMG!!! The mere fact that tourist travelled 2-3 hours from Manila just to get there then encountered unpleasant staff is extremely disappointing.

After having a bite to eat and a little chat, a group of us decided to visit the comfort/shower room. After waiting for over 10 minutes outside because of the long queue, we finally entered the comfort room… Big mistake – it was obviously old and messy with a foul smell that definitely was NOT perfume to my nose.

Not all of the shower rooms are functioning. Ohh how I hate it! Seems the resort owner is not concerned with the sanitation and cleanliness of their property… Anyway, the staff member assigned to the comfort room was friendly and helpful and patiently fetched water from the water pump for us. He even apologized for the inconvenience. Good job, Kuya!!!!

After our ordeal at the CR, we decided to find the information area and inquire about some of their activities. Yet again, poor service… We had to wait over 15 minutes for the staff to arrive and it seemed we were interrupting their conversation. When they finally noticed us and I had started to say our inquiries one of them was very eager to get the money from us. She couldn’t even answer some of our inquiries but she still had the guts to argue with us. Grrrr! We just turned our back from them and gave up.

The Good Side of Ternate Beach Resort

It was time to explore more of the beach and find a few good things to remember about Ternate Beach Resort. We decided to take a leisure walk from one end of the beach to the other.

We climbed the stairs going to the top cottages where the view was relaxing and inviting. They also have 5 cottages where you can relax and enjoy the view. We then explored the upper hills, taking pictures.

The beach area near the entrance of Ternate Beach wasn’t the most inviting area to swim. The water wasn’t clean, the beach was littered and there were a few Jellyfish here and there also. But, a little further up the beach, you can find a rocky area where the water is clear and the waves are inviting.

The aqua rides are just great to enjoy like banana boat, Jet Ski, kayak, and aqua bike. It’s challenging to walk through and over the larger rocks. The views from there are very refreshing calming… But passing through those rocks to the other side isn’t easy. I almost slid a few times because of the moss.

As a group, we decided to take the two large beachfront nipa-hut cottages at a rate of P1800 each so our friends could look after the kids. The huts are made from wood, bamboo, and pawid (nipa palm – the leaves of which are used for thatching roof).

Surprisingly, after lunch, there was a cool breeze to freshen things up after the scorching heat of the morning sun. Buko time! A few of us couldn’t resist hydrating ourselves with coconut juice (₱20). We devoured the coconut meat then put the homemade jellies in the coconut shell!. Ohhh! Very refreshing not to mention it’s one of the tastiest and healthiest natural drinks around (Yummmm). And you know what? Three coconuts are not enough for me (I love my buko).

Since the cottage has curtains on four sides which we can opt to tie to have fresh air or to use as a cover if we want some privacy, a few of us stretched out comfortably with our bags as a pillow. I love the smell of the fresh sea air, it reminded me of the simple and uncomplicated life in the province. Before I knew it, the gentle sea breeze had slowly lulled me to sleep. An hour later I woke and joined my friends on the beach.

Ternate Cavite Beach Resort seawater isn’t as clear as I would have liked but it isn’t dirty either. Even thou the sand was dark and the water was not clear, I can say we enjoyed swimming a lot. They have some recreational activities like:

  • Banana Boat – 1 hour – Php3,500/30 minutes – ₱875

  • Kayak – 1 hour – Php300.00/30 minutes – ₱200

  • Aquatrike – 1 hour – Php400.00/30 minutes – ₱200.00

  • Speedboat – 1 hour – Php2,600.00/30 minutes – ₱1,300

  • Beach Volleyball

  • Bonfire

I assumed a lot about the place because of what I saw from social media and words of mouth. It’s not how I expect it to be but I just enjoy and feel the moments. As what they say “For every place, the opportunity to visit only comes once in our lives and sometimes there’s no second chance to go back”.

EVENTS • Beach Wedding/ Pre-nuptial Pictorials • Corporate Seminars • Company Outing • Team Building • Reunions and Get-togethers • Church Events and Retreats • Camping • Birthdays and Debut • Christmas Party

AMENITIES • Grilling areas – strategically placed throughout the resort for guests’ accessibility. • Parking area – Ternate Beach Resort’s parking area is spacious and safe. They are located near within the vicinity of the resort to ensure protection and safekeeping of your vehicles. • Shower rooms & CR – is not well maintained and clean but usable. be ready with the urine smell.

How to Get There?

Private Vehicle

  • From Manila, take the Coastal Road (Php24.00 toll fee) going to CAVITEX Expressway (Php64.00). From Kawit Exit, go straight to Rosario, Tanza, Naic, Maragondon and finally Ternate. When you reach the Y-intersection in Barangay Bucana turn right to get to the resort.

Public Transportation

  • Take a bus ride in Coastal Mall (Saulog Bus or Saint Anthony for Php80). From the terminal, ride a tricycle going to the resort (Php50).

  • Entrance fee (applies to all ages)

  • Day trip – 7 AM to 6 PM – Php85.00

  • Overnight – 7PM to 6 AM – Php100.00

  • 23 Hours –7PMto 6 PM – Php175.00

  • Address: Brgy. Bucana, Ternate, Cavite

If you crave for a smoke or a dash of alcohol, the other resort past the bamboo fence is the answer. It is a short walk from the rooms or open cottages you may want to rent for the day, or for longer stays.

I hope you find something you like.
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