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Things to do in Makati: People often complain about Manila, but, if you give it a chance, scheduling in a long weekend in Makati City is totally worth. The Makati is the financial center of Manila and is home to many upscale businesses, residences and attractions than you will find in the rest of the city. While some areas of Makati are super fancy, another area is considered one of Manila’s red-light districts. The diversity and vibrant action throughout the neighbourhood is what drew us and kept us entertained. Discover the best of what Makati has to offer!

Greenbelt 3

Fun Things To Do In Makati

If you love shops and Malls then you will love this area as it is a shopper’s playground with several fantastic malls sprinkled about, some of which even sit side by side. Whether you’re in for a spending spree, food trip, or just a comfortable stroll in air-conditioned bliss, and Greenbelt Shopping Center is a might see that might suit your fancy – think Beverly Hills plopped in Manila.

Luxury stores line the walkways. We’re talking Gucci, LV and Hermes; not much within the budget of a backpacker, or anyone short of a millionaire really. But the landscaping throughout the shopping centre is beautiful with green patches, koi ponds and lawn areas to sprawl out on a summer day. There is also an impressive amount of restaurants and lots of coffee shops with free Wi-Fi, perfect for a day of catching up on blogging!


Sure, you can go to Manila and experience the culture through museum visits. But the real reason to stay in Makati is to the experience the city’s thriving red-light district.  If you’re looking to spice up Friday nights with other activities, Makati’s buzzing nightlife may be something you’d want to check out. From cheering on your favourite teams to clubbing with the hottest DJs, there are many things you can do in Makati after office hours. 

A little party never hurt anybody

In Greenbelt, you can found Cafe Havana where salsa and samba dancing take centre stage. Red Box is a favoured spot, with Western music hits high on the rotation list. The Hard Rock and TGI Fridays in Glorietta can be found adjacent to one another in the same building. They’re known for serving continuous beer specials with live music on a large stage, with two separate bars, one of which allows smoking. Also in the same building, a venue called Street Life is designed to resemble the hawker stalls of Singapore. In this indoor “village” environment, the bar has a stage where two different bands perform nightly. 

Strumms Makati

Located along Kalayaan Avenue, Mulligan’s is a classic hangout among sports fans for its Irish gastropub feel, upbeat vibe, and huge food servings. You can watch live sports here while munching on your favourite Irish-American bar chow, hanging out with your fellow sports fans, and chugging your favourite beer. Howzat Sports Bar also catered avid sports fan, with widescreen TVs, a pool room and dozens of imported beer selections. Food selections cater to expatriates with British favourites such as shepherd’s pie, American Texan burgers and an Indian curry lunch buffet. JJ’s is a small bar situated just off P. Burgos Street, offering low-priced beer with games of pool and darts, while Strumms has live bands Monday through Saturday nights, with an open mic during happy hour on Wednesdays. If you’re looking to party the night away in high-class style and luxury, Club Royal is the place to go. Spend a  laid back night at Z Hostel roof deck, they’re providing patrons with a breathtaking cityscape view with a calm, and low-key ambience. They serve finger food alongside favourite beers and cocktails.

Makati is peppered with so many things to do at night, that it’s impossible to run out of ideas! Whether you’re in the mood for a laid back night sipping cocktails on a rooftop, or you’re in the mood to party hard and party crazy, Makati has something for your night.

Fun Things To Do In Makati


Without question, Makati is the Metro Manila’s most delicious district, you get a taste of the very best  – but only if you know where to look! From a hustling and bustling business centre to the best restaurants in the Metro, it’s easy to get lost in the city sprawl and hidden alleys of Makati.

Filipino cuisine was heavily influenced by the country’s Spanish settlers, plus Chinese, Indian, Latin American, and other ethnic groups and cultures. Flavours are bold and in-your-face. Salty, sour, fried and rich rule, while crispy textures and sauciness are beloved qualities.

Hey—you can worry about cholesterol when you go home, right?

XO 46 Kare Kareng Crispy Tadyang

Like a belly-filling 101 course in the country’s culinary classics, XO 46. You must try Crispy Binagoongang, deep-fried crunchy pork in shrimp paste, and Kare Kareng Crispy Tagyang, beef ribs served with a savoury peanut dipping sauce. At Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, try Sizzling Kansi, a pan of tender buffalo meat, onion and marrow doused in a succulent sour gravy.

Sarsa Kitchen Bar – Sizzling Kansi

Opened in 2015, Naimas specializes in North Luzon’s Ilocano cuisine, which tends to be earthy and more vegetable-driven. Sure, there’s still plenty of pork on the menu, including dried, twice-fried, addictively fatty and crisp Naimas Bagnet. Adventurous eaters can sample the local delicacy balut, a hard-boiled duck egg with a partially developed embryo (often seen on reality show eating challenges), in a spicy and more accessible preparation. Have some of their creamy Gising-Gising, with chopped wing beans, coconut milk, garlic and ground pork. It’s delicious!

Naimas Bagnet

Have you heard about Your Local? They serve up what I feel is really interesting fusion cuisine– Southeast Asia n with a Western flair. And mind you,  Conde Naste Traveler to recognize them as one of the best restaurants in the world. Try their signature Torched Norwegian Salmon Donburi over shiitake fried rice.  The salmon is fresh, tasty, and seared to a perfect medium. I know the Salmon Donburi gets all the stars from people who have visited

Your loyal – signature dishes Otak Otak

Your Local, but Otak Otak deserves

lots of attention too. It’s fabulous. In fact, I would like another order right this minute! It is a ground salmon is mixed with starch and spices, then grilled inside a banana leaf. It is served with coconut rice, plus a set of sides including Asian-style chilli, cucumber, and scrambled egg with chilli sauce. Shredded laksa leaves add colour. All the components on this plate have their own solid flavours and yet they come together so beautifully, especially when eaten with the fragrant rice!

Makati City Sunday market

Makati offers dozens of lovely eateries and boutique businesses line the leafy surrounding streets. There’s no better place to eat your way through the best of the Philippines.


The curator cocktail drinks

If you’re looking for a fun night out but aren’t interested in the seedy activities of the street bars, check out Makati City’s speakeasies. These “underground” bars have been popping up all over Manila, especially in the Makati area.

Blind Pig Cocktails

The bartenders here at the best in the biz and will whip you up to a specialty cocktail depending on your particular taste. I had the best espresso martini of my life here. Don’t miss it. The Bling Pig is known to be the speakeasies bar because of its hidden small dim room that offers the most intimate ambience. So, if you’re out to chill and is not in the mood for the crowd, Blind Pig may be one of the most recommendable for you.

Makati City is a must-see

Going on a Makati trip? The fastest way to get to Makati is by MRT train. If you disembark at Ayala Station, you can walk to Glorietta and Greenbelt. Nearest train stations include Buendia and Magallanes. There are also buses that will bring you to the city. However, you should expect heavy traffic along the way. Makati City continues to attract lots of locals and tourists, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The mixture of different cultures also adds to its charm. Now that you know what to do and where to go, take a trip to this huge metropolis now.

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